søndag 15. august 2010


I love Chocobo! so I decided to make some doodles. here we go:


Hi again.

Ive been doodling alot since yesterday lmao. well, not alot but. to be just a few hours its alot. I've made some scrat - furries, they are adorable, aint they?

and also, The skech from the last blog submit is out on my dA page, you can find it HERE ^^

Have a nice day, folks!


lørdag 14. august 2010

More fur practise!

Yes, Im doing more studies. this time just a head, but semi-realistic. its for ~Urealistisk because I still owe her my part of an art trade which I have forgotten. awh well, I hope this is good enough, Ura!

This is her character, named Ura which is a Norwegian Montain Wolf :3

Have a nice day still, Guys ^w^

Practising my fur tecniques

Im trying different fur tecniques today, so I made a skech Im going to have some fun with. watch out on my DeviantART page for the result!

Have a nice day people!


torsdag 12. august 2010


Yay first blogsubmit! to make a great start, let me post some doodles.

May upload more later.